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Return in 30 days

If you are unhappy with your item, you can return it in 30 days 

Free first class worldwide shipment

Order your item by 3 pm, we will dispatch it first class for free!

Excellent customer support

Let us know what you think and we will reply you within two business hours

Hallmark act criteria 

You will receive a certificate of authenticity.  Your jewellery meets the Hallmark act criteria

nine september4197.jpg

We can make your dreams spring to life by weaving a piece of pure metal and precious stones into a gleaming masterpiece. Just because dreams know no boundaries.

With a delicate design, we strive for simplicity. Our design team works with a sense of visual perception inspired by mother nature herself.

All our jewellery is presented in a handmade wooden box.


Adding a distinctive touch and allowing you to gift something extra special to make your loved ones or even yourself smile.

To avoid tarnishing and scratching keep your jewellery in box when not being worn. See our care tips for details.

nine september3340.jpg
nine september4230.jpg

Each piece of our collection is magically touched by our design team.

Artist’s alluring design sketched on a paper meets with splendid forge work of handicraftsman. This is what NS accessories are made of.

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