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Sterling silver jewellery should be worn with proper care so it will last many years.

Tarnishing occurs when silver is left out in the air, dangling on jewellery trees or left in window sills or damp bathrooms. However, when it is worn regularly it keeps itself pretty clean, just requiring a quick rub with a silver polishing cloth to maintain its shine.

Here are a few tips and hints to help keep your silver jewellery looking great.


  1. Store separately in a sealed zip-lock bag when not being worn, as this reduces the oxidisation that may cause tarnish. 

  2. Keep your jewellery away from all kind of chemical products

  3. If your jewellery does get tarnished, just polish the silver with a silver cleaning cloth and it will be back to its glorious shine.

  4. It’s always best to remove your jewellery before going into a swimming pool or spa as the chemicals can damage the silver.

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