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Amethyst is one of the most famous and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning. The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is groundedness, tranquility, and calm. The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated” – its name translates from the Greek word améthystos. The bird brings calm to your life like a stork carrying a baby to life.


This beautiful ladies’ earrings is fully handmade. We used 925 silver in this piece to make it more precious.

This earring is designed to open its wings. You can move the wings easily. The body of the bird is rose gold silver.. Its tail and eyes are white sterling silver. The bird is holding a purple amethyst stone.

• Sterling silver, handmade Earring
• Wings move independently
• Amethyst gemstone
• Designer Earring

Dual-Use Bird Earring Holding an Amethyst Stone

SKU: 0031
£138.00 Regular Price
£112.00Sale Price
  • Hand-crafted from sterling silver.