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Our Silver Fire Bird shines with the light of garnet gemstone...


This ancient firebird of the sun will bring you renewal and wellness. From Ancient Greek to Egypt Mythology, Phoenix birds have always been a well-known symbol of immortality, resurrection and reincarnation. Combining this allegory with a garnet makes it such a talisman of femininity. Show up your inner light with unique designer creation.


This beautiful ladies’ necklace is fully handmade. We used 925 silver in this piece to make it more precious.


This phoenix necklace has two big moving wings in silver colour. Wings are moving separately. Thanks to clasps behind them, you can wear the pendant with open or closed wings. Its tail is designed to look like fire. The phoenix bird is carrying a natural garnet gemstone with its tail.


Spoil your loved one or even yourself with this authentic handmade sterling silver pendant. 

Silver Phoenix Pendant with Garnet Gemstone

SKU: 0070
£144.00 Regular Price
£117.00Sale Price