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If you listen carefully enough you can even hear giggles of this happy couple swinging in a garden.


This beautiful ladies’ necklace is fully handmade. We used 925 silver in this piece to make it more precious.

The Love Garden pendant is part of our special designed 3D collection. Each three parts of the necklace swing separately and also compose the story harmoniously. The front circle is covered with flowers. Our couple is dancing in the middle circle. The rear one is full of musical notes. The pendant is carrying a white gemstone at the bottom.

• Sterling silver, handmade pendant
• Each part moves independently
• Rose gold 925 silver chain (45 cm)
• Designer necklace

Love Garden 3D Swinging Pendant

SKU: 0016
£131.00 Regular Price
£106.00Sale Price
  • Hand-crafted from sterling silver

    Your order include 45cm  sterling silver snake chain in rose colour.