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The sun has been a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in ancient cultures and religions throughout time.


This beautiful ladies’ Earring is fully handmade. We used 925 silver in this piece to make it more precious.

This jewellery focuses on an ancient jewellery technique which is based on Lydians from Mesopotamia. Fundamentally this traditional practice is knitting work with silver wires. Jewellery craftsmen have used this method for over 5.000 years. Our craftsmen mix this ancient art with modern methods then bring it together with eastern symbols which our designers created.

• Sterling silver, handmade Earring
• Hand knitted
• Designer Earring

Sun Knot Designed Sterling Silver Earrings in Black Colour

SKU: 0042
£106.00 Regular Price
£85.00Sale Price
  • Hand-crafted from sterling silver.